Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Craftmanship par excellence

Since day one, the Coteaux de la Vézère winery has been underpinned by a demand for quality. From vine cultivation to bottling, we monitor each step in the development of our wines.

Organic and integrated

People often gaze enviously at the landscapes in Corrèze, given the extent to which they have been left untouched and are so peaceful.
We also perform integrated viticulture, that several years ago banned all high-risk products (notably those containing CMR substances), and made a shift towards organic viticulture: all the vines planted since 2013 are organic, and in 2018 we finished converting our entire vineyard. Our first organic wines were produced in 2018.
On the sometimes very steep slopes of our hillsides, we harvest grapes by hand. The major steps in vine cultivation are also carried out by hand (stripping, debudding, etc.).

Plot vinification

All our wines are vinified in the cellar, at the heart of Le Saillant village, in Allassac, at the foot of the hillsides of the Vézère River.
Our recent wine cellar is equipped with small capacity, thermo-regulated stainless steel vats: we carry out vinification by grape variety and by plot. This vinification by plot enables us to select the quality of the berries: the best are worked on in ‘special’ vats in outstanding years.
Our oenologist is present full-time to direct vinification. They take place under the guidance of the great oenologist Jacques Puisais, who has presided over the blends since the creation of the cellar.  

Rare wines

If we are to develop our vineyard, our vats will retain their small capacity. Each wine is the fruit of meticulous, artisanal work, reflecting the typical features of the soil and the character of the vintage. Our wines are unoaked in a bid to retain the minerality typical of its slate schist terroir