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Informations du produit

Cuvée: Dry
Appellation: PGI Corrèze wine/Produce of France
Colour: white
Vintage: 2016 in 75 cl bottles

Size of vineyard: 4 ha
Terroir: slate schist
Age of vines: 10 and 14 years
Size: mixed Guyot
Yield: 50 hl/ha
Volume: 17,000 bottles
Varieties: 47 % Sauvignon blanc, 19% Chardonnay, 34 % Sauvignon gris
Residual sugar: 1 g/l

Harvesting: by hand into crates and sorting on the vine
Vinification: direct pressure, settling at low temperature, fermentation 17-
Bottling: in cellar by SCA Coteaux de la Vézère
9.00€ TTC l'unité